Thomas Nordström

Game programmer

Project Highlights

Luna Academia is an FPS and was my seventh game project, the third for our group Lunatechs.

The game takes place in a magic school in a very clean form of steampunk setting. You play as a student trying to stop the spread of the blue plague.

Lunar Mercenary is a Space Shooter and my first experience with programming a 3D game. It was the fifth game project. the first with the group Lunatechs.

In the game you play as a former soldier of a fallen empire and your only goal is to get revenge on the rebels who brought the empire down.

Winter Is Coming is a Shoot 'Em Up which was my third game project. The name of our development team was Best Hest.

You play as an enraged squirrel who has to collect enough nuts to survive winter. No nut will go uncollected and no innocent animal is safe from the onslaught.