Thomas Nordström

Game programmer

Second TGA project

Genre: Point 'N Click

Development time: 8 weeks, part time


New engine based on Haaf's Game Engine. Uses FMOD.

Hunk of Junk

Premise: Your space ship, the Princess, collides with some space junk and is forced to land on a planet consisting mostly of scrap. Explore the planet to find a way to repair your ship.

Setting: Sci-fi.

My contributions

  • Walkable spaces
  • Exposing XML
  • Created various events
  • ect. (it was long ago, I don't remember everything)


This was the first time that we let Level Designers affect gameplay directly by exposing XML for them to edit. We worked closely with them to provide the functions they needed and help them when bugs arose.


This was also our first project in C++ which provided many challenges and lessions for us.

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