Thomas Nordström

Game programmer

Sixth TGA project

Genre: Real-Time Strategy

Development time: 10 weeks, part time


Continued development from the engine we used in the Space Shooter. Uses DirectX, Wwise and Lua scripting.

Lunacy of War

Premise: Humanity has mutated through excessive use of ability enhancing drugs. Survival now requires the use of certain life giving stuctures which are constantly fought over.

Setting: Sci-fi.

My contributions

  • Minimap
  • Animation system
  • Unit selection (including the selection box which is my progart)
  • Laserbeams (also including the beams which are my progart)
  • Camera movement
  • Script system and console


Don't wait until the last minute to implement AI.


Good graphics will look shit with bad lighting. Proper PBL is essential.


Starting development without a truly unified vision is recipe for disaster. Good communication is fundamental to any cooperative endeavour.