Thomas Nordström

Game programmer

Third TGA project

Genre: Shoot 'Em Up

Development time: 8 weeks, part time


Continued development of the engine from the Point 'N Click. Based on Haaf's Game Engine. Uses FMOD.

Winter Is Coming

Premise: You haven't collected enough nuts for the winter. Get your furry paws on as many nuts as you can. Leave no stone unturned and let no innocent animal stand in your way.

Setting: Deep in the forest.

My contributions

  • Weapons and projectiles
  • Movement and collision
  • Animations
  • Smooth player animations synchronized to the player's speed and looking direction


During this project I worked very close with the graphical artists to produce smooth and intuitive interactions between the player character and the world. This gave me new perspectives on game development.


I also learned how much work, skill and passion that really goes into good level design. I gained a lot of respect for level designers during this project.

Best Hest


Eric Nilsson

Hedvig Axelsson

Maja Larsson

Thomas Nordström


Dag Lindwall

Mattias Thorelli

Niclas Lind