Thomas Nordström

Game programmer

Fourth TGA project

Genre: Turn Based Strategy

Development time: 8 weeks, part time


Continued development of the engine from the Shoot 'Em Up. Based on Haaf's Game Engine. Uses FMOD.

Attack of the Killer Prawn Spawn

Premise: When a police officer, a hillbilly woman and a young boy find themselves under attack by monsters they have to work together to survive.

Setting: Southern USA.

My contributions

  • Line of sight
  • Pathfinding
  • Tilemap
  • Mouse-over wall transparancy.
  • Cover system
  • Accuracy calculation


Making a turn based game is somehow harder than making a real time game. The isometric tiling also proved quite troublesome when it came to layering properly.

Triple B


Carl Dalin

Jonas Ouadih

Malin Sandgren

Micke Mauritzsson

Thomas Nordström


Anna-Maja Bergman

Monika Mikucka

Niclas Lind

Simon Andersson