Thomas Nordström

Game programmer

First TGA project

Genre: Text Based Adventure

Development time: 8 weeks, part time


Alan Interactive Fiction Language

The Last Knight

Premise: You are a new member of a knightly order who have set out on a quest to earn your sword. You must comlete this unarmed, but beware of the many mysteries that lurk along your journey.

Setting: Fantasy.

My contributions

  • Implemented many rooms, pussles and object descriptions
  • Created scripts in Alan to fullfill various functions
  • Implemented a morality system which affects the ending.


First time ever working in a game project together with others and the first time interacting with level designers and artists.


We got into using the TGA specific SCRUM-inspired development methodology called TRUM.


Many of my fellow programmers greatly dislike Alan as a language, however I found that experimentation made it much easier to learn.

Sven Alan von Conan