Thomas Nordström

Game programmer

TGA Lua task

Genre: Two Player Super Battle Action

Development time: 2 days


TGA2D. An engine developed by the TGA teachers to replace Haaf's Game Engine.


Green tank: WASD move, QE aim, LCtrl fire.

Brown tank: Num 8456 move, Num 79 aim, Num 0 fire.


Premise: Descend upon your friends in your death dealing heavy tank in bloody battle! Snipe across the map, perform quick assaults or enter into a mighty close quarters brawl! How do YOU play?

Setting: Concrete business district

My contributions

  • Lua integration/script system
  • Map building
  • Art
  • Animation system
  • Tank physics


The entire game is programmed in Lua, aside from a C++-side sprite rendering and exposure of Lua functions.

Known issues

  • Closing the window doesn't end the process. (TGA2D bug)
  • Tanks have circular collision.
  • Tanks do not collide with eachother.
  • Some keyboards can't handle all the key presses at once.

The development team


Carl Dalin

Thomas Nordström

Level Designers:

Thomas Nordström


Thomas Norström